Clopper Mill History

also known as
Resurvey on Pleasant Valley and Pleasant Fields/Goodport

ca. 1768 - ???

ruins, some standing walls

Resurvey on Pleasant Valley is described as being on Gunners Branch, a tributary of Great Seneca Creek.
Clopper Mill is on Clopper Road a few hundred yards north of the bridge over Great Seneca Creek, in Seneca Creek State Park.

 Clopper Mill
Clopper Mill

 Clopper Mansion
Clopper Mansion

 Clopper Mill Ruins

 Clopper Mill Ruins

 Cloppr Mill Ruins

Clopper Mill Ruins, Feb. 2002

Nicholas Sypert, William Benson, Zachariah Maccubbin (MacKubbin), Francis C. Clopper, Mary Augusta Hutton (Clopper's daughter)

It was a grist mill and saw mill that was originally driven by an oveshoot wheel. Later it was converted to an undershoot wheel.

In 1784 Maccubbin agreed to buy "Good Port" from William Benson. Maccubbin failed to pay for the property so Benson had him dispossessed by ejectment. While Maccubbin had position, he tore down the decayed Benson's mill on Good Port and built a new mill.

An Act to open "a road not exceeding thirty feet wide, from Barnsville to Zachariah Maccubbin's Mill, and thence to intersect the Main Road leading from Frederick-Town to George-Town at or near Log-Town" was passed Jan 25, 1806 by the General Assembly of Maryland. (This may be the current Barnesville Rd. to Clopper Rd. to West Diamond Ave. intersecting Rt. 355.)
In the Maryland Chancery Papers Index, there is mention of an injunction against Zachariah Maccubbin to keep him from removing timber from Good Port.

(Note: The Waters House, at 12535 Milestone Manor Lane, is on land named "Pleasant Fields". Basil Waters built the house on land given by his father, William Waters of Brookville. This land does not extend down to Seneca Creek State Park. The use of Pleasant Fields in the name of the mill may be an error)

In 1812 Francis Clopper (b. 26 July 1786) purchased Benson's estate including a fairly new mill built by Z. Maccubbin sometime after 1784. During that year, he built the Woodlands, a 24-room mansion situated where the park office is now. The mansion had a large ballroom. Francis Clopper rebuilt the mill in 1834. It was a grist and saw mill. It was destroyed by fire in 1947 by an arsonist. (was the location of the mill moved from Gunners Branch to Seneca Creek during one of the rebuildings?)) In 1955, Rose M. Hutton sold parts of the Martha and Mary tract and Good Port to the state of Maryland.



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